Lee, NESA, STEM Bring Home Medals from ACT-SO

NESA Students at the competition

Chloe Green (second to the left) takes a photo with Konise Millender (far left – NESA Cinema Teacher and ACT-SO Advisor), Christopher West of NESA (right), Haily Martyn-Dow (second to the right – NESA visual art alumni and ACT-SO competitor) and a fellow San Antonio participant (middle).

NESA visual art student, Chloe Green, went to Las Vegas a local medalist and returned a National winner.  When other students were preparing to go to the beach this summer, Chloe, along with two of her fellow Lee students were packing their luggage to attend a National arts, science and business competition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chloe Green, Haily Martyn-Dow and Christopher West each received gold medals locally and were flown to Las Vegas to attend the National ACT-SO competition, sponsored by the NAACP.  ACT-SO stands for: Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics.  The event was started thirty-six years ago as a yearlong achievement program designed to recruit, stimulate, and encourage high academic and cultural achievement among African-American high school students.

Chloe earned a silver medal and a $1,500 check for her sculpture “Mr. Dragonfluff” amid stiff competition from New York and New Jersey competitors.  Chloe received lots of praise for her sculpture and said she was afraid of winning because she would have to go onstage and accept her medal at the televised award ceremony.

When her art teacher and mentor Jennifer Janak heard the news by text, she responded, “Sweet awesomeness! I am so excited…I wish I was there!”  Haily Martyn-Dow did not receive a National medal for her tribal drawing piece, nor did Christopher West for his photography.  However they both received very favorable critiques and Chris was interviewed by a reporter after his photos were displayed.

Other students who received alternate gold, silver or bronze medals locally include: NESA visual artists Oleire Niyomwungere, Amondiah Siaga, Tirzah Lawson; NESA dancer Britney McGarity; and STEM student Elijah Millender who competed in the entrepreneurship category.

STEM Student with medal Chloe with her sculpture
Elijah Millender, STEM biomedical student, celebrates receiving the silver medal for entrepreneurship in the local ACT-SO competition.
Chloe Green with her winning sculpture “Mr. Dragonfluff.” Chloe has been a fan of dragons since she was a child and decided to make her one dimensional drawings into a 3D piece of art.


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