2014-15 Schedules

As everyone has heard, the schedule(s) for the school year have changed a bit. Minutes from both lunch periods and class periods have been taken and added to the passing periods. Classes are now one minute shorter than last year (on all schedules), lunches are 15 minutes shorter and passing periods are only just a minute longer.

All due to construction. But hey, at least we’re not like Roosevelt – 7 periods, 55 minutes, and lunches split up into A, B, C, D, and E.


Regular schedule.


Advisory schedule.


Pep rally schedule.











This school year, there are only four pep rallies.

The first one is Friday, Sept. 26, for Homecoming. (Lee vs. Johnson).

The second one is Friday Oct. 3, for Pink Out. (Lee vs. Madison).

The third one is Wednesday, Oct. 15, for Lee-esta. (Lee vs. MacArthur).

And the fourth one is Friday, Nov. 7, for Senior Send Off. (Lee vs. Roosevelt).

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