Welcome back, Lee Vols!

The school year for 2014-2015 began Monday, August 25, and all students watched a video in advisory to learn about the construction going on around the school.


Where the parking lot by the old JROTC building used to be, is now the new bus pick-up and drop-off.


From the cafeteria, the old science building, and courtyard, going through the gym building is the new way to get to the Main building. And vice versa.










A faster way to get to the band parking lot from the 300 building, or to get to the 300 building from the band parking lot, is this new walk way.


From the courtyard, cafeteria, and old science building, a quick way to get to the football field is through this walk way.










The doors by the auditorium are the new exit to get to the Main building, and the new entrance from the Main building to the 300 building.


Thanks to the construction workers, there is now a new walkway, other than the stairs.


Although the area in between the gates is slim, students are preferred to walk through anyway, instead of outside the gates.










Construction in between the Main building and the ISA building is for the new 3-story “ISA science” building.


Where the old JROTC building used to be, construction workers are making a building with 3 floors, and the new tennis courts will be on the top. A first time thing for Lee, or any NEISD school.









All students, and administrators, are advised to be safe in these areas, and not associate with any construction workers.


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