Guardians Of The Galaxy Make A Place In Marvel History

Guardians Of The Galaxy was released in theaters August 1st in United States and has stayed on the top of the box office since. Guardians Of The Galaxy also follows Marvel’s recent trend of creating more light-hearted movies. Peter Quill (Star- Lord) is a thief that had been sent to find (and subsequently steal) a rare gem. He fights and later befriends Gamora,the adopted daughter of Thanos, Drax, an alien who’s lost all his family, Rocket the Raccoon and Groot, two alien bounty hunters. Happier than it sounds, I promise.

Marvel recently relaunched many of its main series in an event called ‘Marvel Now‘. Guardians of the Galaxy is getting its own comic, as well as Peter Quill, “The Legendary Star-Lord”. This is one of Marvel’s signature moves; release a movie to make a character or group of characters well known and then release or re-release the comic – See Iron Man.

There were of course some differences , which is something that happens to ever piece of media that hits the silver screen. Star-Lord’s father, who is repeatedly referred to an angel,  but is probably the worst guy in all of the galaxy.

The Guardians recently teamed up with the X-Men in the “Trial of Jean Grey”. The whole arc is about a time displaced Jean Grey being called to trial for the one of many “misdeeds” she committed under the influence of the “Phoenix Force”.  As always, it’s complicated – it wouldn’t be the X-men if it wasn’t. The Guardians offer the X-men help and they ban together to save Jean and Scott Summers meets his  long lost “space pirate” father for the first time.

The Guardians getting complicated isn’t a new thing. The Guardians first issue came out in 1963 and was set in one of Marvel’s many alternate universes, specifically earth 391. They end up in Marvel’s main universe, 616 when the members find a time traveler in space. All the members of the Guardians have a unique history – even the temporary ones : Iron Man, Agent Venom, Captain Marvel and Angela (See: Spawn).

There are a lot of places where the producers could take this story which is set to release July 28th, 2017.

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