Night With NESA

In the auditorium, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., the first NESA event of the school year, Night With NESA, took place on Friday, Sept. 12. Students and teachers from all seven majors, families and younger students attended the event, and watched a film. Afterwards, students from each major led their families and students to their specific NESA class room.

N.E.S.A parents were found in the hallway, selling shirts, and giving information for future events.

To start off the night, films of past and new N.E.S.A students participating in their major is shown to the audience.

night with nesa

NESA parents sell and discuss the new shirts before the event begins.

night with nesa1

Students and families gather into the auditorium as it gets closer to 7 p.m.

night with nesa2

Creative Writing director, Amy Stengel is welcomed to the stage and talks about the program and its students.












night with nesa3

Co-director, Dena Marby also talks about the program and introduces the first performance of the night.

night with nesa4

Instrumental Music director, Mark Twehues and his orchestra are first to perform.

night with nesa5

Twehues and his students stand and bow for the crowd, before leaving the stage.











night with nesa6

Students from the Dance major perform.

night with nesa7

Students from Musical Theater perform an act from a past play.









For the Cinema and Technical Theater majors, films were played for the audience to enjoy. The Creative Writing major had two seniors read poems.

night with nesa8

Creative Writing senior, Aly Perez reads her poem.

night with nesa9

Another Creative Writing senior, Rhiannon Greer reads her poem.











The second Night With NESA will occur in November.









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