REVIEW: ‘Destiny’ More Than Expected

Destiny is a futuristic game that begins on Planet Earth. First thing’s first, if you don’t have wifi at your house, don’t even bother getting the game. Once you start, you must choose between three classes; Hunter, Warlock and Titan. You must travel through space in your given ship as you progress through the game, and encounter different species of what seems to be ancient alien beings. The few places you travel to are the Earth (starting planet), Moon, Venus, The Reef and Mars.

The multiplayer is interesting – there are about four to five different game modes available (one of which is currently unknown) as you progress through the story-line. Your character is based on player preference. If you are more of a close ranged combatant, you may want to chose Titan. If you like to attack quickly, you will more likely choose Hunter. And finally, if you prefer to have a tactical approach, you should definitely choose the Warlock class.

In terms of gameplay, it’s quite similar to most other first person shooters. It has some mechanics of C.O.D, Halo, and in a terms of weaponry, Borderlands. Each class has its own distinct set of subclasses. With Titans you get the Striker and Defender classes, and as the names imply, you focus on striking the enemy and defending yourself and fellow teammates. The other two classes aren’t so selfless. Hunters have the Gunslinger and Bladedancer subclass. Gunslingers have the powerful “One shot Golden Gun” and the BladeDancers have the ArcBlade that cuts threw any piece of armour like butta’. And Warlocks are probably the most selfish due to the classes Voidwalker and Sunsinger subclasses. Sunsingers distinguish themselves by increasing their own abilities, while Voidwalkers hurl a powerful Nova Bomb that disintegrates anything within its splash range. So choose your class and help the Traveler defeat the Darkness!

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