Make A Costume This Halloween

As Halloween approaches, it’s time to think about your costume. Finding costumes at a store isn’t easy nor cheap. You could dress up as yourself, but that wouldn’t be fun or creative. Time to make an important decision; Are you willing to buy a costume or take a risk and create your own?

Buying a costume at a store is surely the easiest way to dress up, but it’s expensive. Let’s take a star wars Obi-Wan Kenobi for example. At a store, the whole costume can set you back about 30 dollars. Now let’s see if it can get cheaper if we build it ourselves. A typical light-saber is about ten dollars, brown boots for six, and a tunic for eight. Not only is it saving money but it can also develop great sewing skills, and most importantly, fun. Throughout the century people have gone on a do-it-yourself craze from crafting, to electronics. Making a costume can be a risk but when it works, it certainly feels good.

This Halloween take a challenge and build your own costume.

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