Lock Your Doors, ‘The Strangers’ Are Here

October is the most thrilling month of the year for those who love scary themes and amusements. Many spend all year preparing to suit up for the most anticipated day: Halloween. While some may want a scare others want delicious sweets that make the mouth water, there are some that just want to stay in and watch a horror flick in the spirit of Halloween.

“The Strangers,”  a movie about a couple being terrorized in a vacation home, fits that bill.

A start of a late night knock on the door and a voice asking “Is Tamara here?” isn’t quite something anyone wants to hear that late. As the time passes, what seems to be a family of three masked villains slowly make their way into the house without being detected. The couple is completely oblivious to what they’ve done in the house such as, burning their cellphone in a fireplace, writing on the windows, having a record player playing at random, and getting in and out of the house unnoticed.

The constant harassment drives the couple out of the home to escape, but they end up getting rear-ended in the driveway. They’re forced to take shelter in the home until further help arrives, or until they can find a better opportunity to escape. They’re visited by a friend that goes by the vacation home to check up on the couple. He approaches the home, and notices the music of an old country song playing on the record player. His curiousness lead to his death. The couple hiding in the depths of the closet realized they got a hit, but are devastated they’ve killed the last help they had. With all options lost, they decide to make a run for safety, but end up captured and killed.

These types of things make you fear if there’s someone in your home that you have no clue is there. Hesitation to light up a dark hallway, constantly looking behind your back tracing if the shadows move or not. Or fear to cut the corner of the next room without being caught. Horror films are great because they give you that thrill you were searching for, the chance to fear and the chance to choose whether you’d like to embrace that fear or not. Your imagination will creep on you when you least expect it. If you’re into thrills then set a list of movies you think will get to you most.

Enjoy Shocktober.

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