The Future Is Fiber?

Google is no stranger to big and innovative ideas, taking technology to the next level with projects such as Google Cardboard and Project Ara, but in the midst of all of this, Google Fiber has stolen the spotlight. Google Fiber is an internet and television service that promises to provide faster connection – up to one hundred times faster than the average broadband speeds of today. Google is using bigger pipelines to carry more data with less compression to users, so all information is transmitted to all user devices quickly and with better quality.

However, speed isn’t the only perk Google is using to lure in customers; Google Fiber is also breaking ground on memory. The new service allows for eight shows to be recored at once, along with two terabytes of storage for the DVR, as well as a terabyte for cloud storage for Gmail and other Google applications.

Google Fiber began in three test cities: Kansas City, Provo, and more recently, Austin. But Google shows no signs of holding back with nine potential Fiber cities, including San Antonio, and 42 surrounding areas lined up. These cities were picked based on the continued interest of their officials in bringing new technology to citizens. Currently, San Antonio is on step  two of three, and has been since mid-May. After having submitted the Fiber-ready checklist, they moved on to developing detailed plans, working with the Google Fiber team to determine what a fiber network in San Antonio would look like before moving on to step three and announcing their decision.

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