On November 14, Al Roker, a co-host of  NBC  “Today” broke the record for the longest weather report at thirty four hours. The event was part of Guinness World Record Day, which was the day before.

In order for his record to be verified by Guinness, Roker had to follow a certain set of rules. The rules entailed he could cover weather seven days in the past or future, he could take five minutes of break every hour, or he could save them to use them later.

Roker started Wednesday at 9 p.m. CST and stopped Friday morning at 7 a.m.. Roker rose $82,000 for the USO.

In the end, Roker thanked the polar vortex for making the weather change frequently which helped him stay awake.

He wasn’t interested when his co-workers asked if he’d try to break his own record next year. “I’ve done this once,” he croaked. “That’s it.”



The Article is about Al roker breaking the world record of the longest weather broadcast

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