Duncan Pushing For A Cure

Spurs player Tim Duncan, donated nearly a quarter of a million dollars ($247,000) to San Antonio 1000 Cancer Genome Project, Duncan made a statement on Monday, Dec.  1. The non-profit organization is trying to develop a new drug that helps people with advanced cancer. One big reason Duncan made this huge donation is due to losing his mother to breast cancer when he was a teenager.

“The idea that a group of cancer researchers were willing to set aside egos, to make the information freely available and work strictly for the greater good of curing cancer was exactly the type of cancer project I was willing to support,” Duncan told NBA.com

Just like everyone, Duncan was touched by cancer personally and hopes for it to be a cure in his lifetime.

Dr. Anthony Toicher, Director of clinical research for START, told NBA.com he was very surprised and pleased about Tim Duncan’s donation.

“This gift will benefit the people of San Antonio, and it demonstrates the commitment that Mr. Duncan has to this city and the people of San Antonio. The project has raised 1.8 million of the roughly $3 million needed to bring the effort to completion,” Dr. Tolcher said. “This ambitious project will do what almost no one else can do, and Tim Duncan’s donation will help us continue to move the project forward and inspire other donors to join us.”

San Antonio 1000 Cancer Genome Project was launched in 2012 by START (South Texas Accelerated Research Therapeutics), the worlds largest Phase I medical oncology. This Genome Project is very unique in having unprecedented support of over 200 surgeons, oncologists, and cancer researchers. This makes it the largest community-wide undertaking of its kind.This project only works on finding cures for the top 10 cancers that are known in San Antonio by collecting some sample tissues and tumors from over 1000 patients. This project also releases all its data publicly to anyone in the city and outside the city for other minds to see.  If anyone has their own ideas about finding a cure people from the project will listen to you and take your idea into consideration.

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