Obama’s Plans For Easier Access To Higher Education

Today in America, the access to higher education is difficult. President Barrack Obama made a proposal during the state of the union, to make two-year community college free to those who work for it . The program requires a 2.5 GPA for students to be eligible for the program.

The program is based on the success of similar programs in Chicago and Tennessee. The program is designed to encourage all people to receive higher education to increase the workforce in energy, Information Technology, and the advanced manufacturing fields.

The real question is how much would this cost if it were to pass? The estimates are the program would cost taxpayers $60 billion. The public did not like the program’s price tag and soon after the State of the Union, President Obama withdrew his proposal.

In today’s world, some countries, like Germany, have community college and even four year universities for free. The United States wants to lead the way in education, but money is a big problem for students. This proposal would have helped our Better Life Index, instead.

Canada ranks six places ahead of the United States, on the education scale. It appears as though President Obama wants to put this proposal back on the table when he called for the need for higher education for everyone during an interview before the Superbowl.

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