Teaching Students To Secure Their Computers

The S.T.E.M club Cyberpatriot is a part of a program started by the Air Force in collaboration with Northrop Grumman corporation to teach high school students to secure their access to the internet. Cyberpatriot teaches students about the encryption types used throughout the internet such as HTTP. The club uses Windows and Ubuntu (operating systems) to show easy steps anyone can take to protect their computers against viruses and worms. The competition starts with an operating system without security, and requires the competitor’s knowledge of security measures to recieve points. The club is directed by Mr. Poore in room M-307, and the club meets every Monday after school until five. The club ended their season in the state rounds as a gold ranked team. The Cyberpatriot National competition will take place Mar. 11 to 15 in Washington D.C.

“For our first year, we actually did pretty good,” Wilson Watson, club member said. “We could improve, next year maybe go to national competition.”

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