Students Celebrate Chinese New Year

Thursday, Feb. 19, marked the start of the Lunar or Chinese New Year. The animal representing the year of 2015 is the Ram. The Lee High School/ISA (International School of the Americas)/NESA (North East School of the Arts)/STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) campuses celebrated in several ways that are unique to this year.

Teachers had a plate decorating competition, all language students decorated yellow and red plates that currently line the hallways, the library had a beautiful book display, students made and ate dumplings for good luck, and the announcements had a section celebrating the New Year. Teachers in the world language department learned how to say “Gong Xi Fa Cai (congratulations for prosperity),” which is a traditional greeting said during the new year.

During the 15 days of Chinese New Year celebration, it is a tradition to wear red clothings and eat dumplings, as wearing red color represents good luck and eating dumplings symbolizes wealth in Chinese culture. James Ku, Chinese teacher at Lee, asked all of the teachers on campus to decorate a plate in a way that expressed their creativity and their wishes for the new year.

Chinese Language
The plates created by the students ranged from nice and simple to extremely extravagant.

With the help of Ku’s Chinese language students, he picked three of the best plates from all of the staff on campus. These plates are now being displayed in an ISA hallway for all to see. Language students also decorated plates this year. However, instead of it being a competition, all of the plates from every student taking a language class are displayed above the lockers throughout the first and second floors of the ISA building. These plates represent all of the creativity and good wishes that are presented on the campus for the new year.

Chinese New Year

The library had a gorgeous book display at the entrance to the library. Lanterns hung from the ceiling and there were a variety of other decorations all over boxes that displayed books about China and the Chinese New Year. This display was featured on the announcements, along with information about the New Year from a student from China.

It is obvious that the Lee/ISA campus appreciates the Chinese culture, just look around the hallways. According to Ethnologue and Kryss Talaat’s estimate, Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world by population. In fact, over 1.3 billion of people speak Mandarin Chinese globally. China has become one of the top global centers of the world. As a result, employers in major international companies expect business proficiency in Chinese to be in moderate or high demand in a decade.

Seeing the trend and an increasing demand of the language skill in Chinese, North East ISD started offering Mandarin Chinese as one of its seven world languages in 2006-2007 school year. The program is expected to grow continuously.

Article by Ryan Eskridge (11th grader, ISA)

Chinese New Year
Above: Lee staff show off their awesome plates. Below: Chinese New Year decorations adorn the hallways throughout the campuses.
Chinese New Year

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