Community Event In Cleveland make memories.

sam_1254During the summer in Cleveland, Ohio there was a towing competition that was put together by various towing companies in the area. The event consisted of multiple towing competitions.

The first was towing a car through multiple rows of tennis balls lined up, and points were deducted for each ball that was hit. The second one wassailing a 16-Wheeler, and backing up between two rows of gates while getting closer to the one on the end. The event had other activities, and things for families, and children.

This included 3 different bouncy houses, face painting, coloring competitions. There was also free food for the families and visitor who stayed.

The event also included food trucks where you could buy food if wanted. Towards the end of the event they showed a demonstration of how they flip over heavy trucks like buses, garbage trucks, and 16-Wheelers.

At the end they raised a flag in between two trucks, and dressed up 50+ traffic cones with their equipment to represent all the drivers killed while working.

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