Fright Fest: Slaughterhouse 6

At Six Flags Fiesta Texas, park staff make the most of the Haunted house tradition with their well-known event, Fright Fest; which takes fun and gives it a new meaning. Actors are gathered from everywhere and dressed up for the sole purpose of scaring their guests.

The most notable of the haunted house attractions, Slaughterhouse 6 is nodsc_0042t suitable for children below the age of 12, and usually begins with a line that lasts for at least 30 minutes. Once at the entrance of the attraction, park staff give a brief review of their guidelines and explicitly express that if guests become too scared, they can be escorted out by the staff.

Once the doors open, it doesn’t take long for a sinister feeling to loom over it’s guests. The design of the slaughterhouse is rugged and run down, this with strobe lights and eerie sounds are held throughout the first few minutes before the first actors show up. One of the things that becomes definite compared to other haunted houses is that very few of the actors stay silent and jump out suddenly. Most of them make their appearance known, banging walls and blocking people from moving forward, some of them had very little issues screaming into the faces of others.


Props are another thing. Being a slaughterhouse, props such as butcher knives and hooks are made to look recently sharpened and worn down. Actors hold them uncomfortably close to guests, a chainsaw is brought out suddenly, scaring those afraid of loud noises to run ahead.

The attraction ended violently, as actors stood at the exit screaming “GET OUT!” and “GO AWAY!” guests were forced to run out in a panic, leaving with adrenaline still pumped into their systems.

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