NHS Institutes Changes in Response to Distance Learning

Joselyn Hofer, Contributor 

Covid-19 has affected everyone at Legacy of Educational Excellence High School, including students who participate in clubs and organizations such as National Honor Society. Required volunteer hours and events are subject to change because of the virus, and staff members, officers, and advisors are trying to do everything they can to help members adjust. With the help of virtual volunteer options and newly formed committees, members are still expected to obtain ten volunteer hours per semester, and attend at least three NHS events, according to NHS officer Lily Varnando.

During the first NHS meeting of the 2020-2021 school year on September 10 Service Coordinator, Toby Lawrence said: “we do know it’s hard to find service hours…of course, right now in this weird time, some of those (volunteering) options are going to be digital or virtual.” NHS officers went on to suggest a list of virtual options for students, providing links and upcoming dates on their new website, saying they wanted to put more attention on accessibility for members.

Something else this year’s NHS officers are changing is the addition of a committee system. Members have now been assigned to small groups, each of which is led by an officer. The goal of this system is to bring a sense of community to the previously dissociated atmosphere, according to NHS Treasurer, Carina Reyes. “(Committees are there) to allow for more direct and personal communication,” Reyes said.

So far, NHS members have adapted well to these changes.

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