District Releases New Guidelines for 2020 Football Season

Madison Munoz, Contributor

The North East Independent School District has released rules, regulations, and guidelines for athletes, spirit groups, and spectators, in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 during the 2020 football season. As the first game approaches many have questions and concerns over what the upcoming season will look like. 

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, NEISD has adjusted their plans for high school athletics in accordance with guidance from the University Interscholastic League (UIL). 

LEE is scheduled to play their first football game on Saturday, October 3 against Marshall High School at Comalander Field, and will be following the new precautions closely. 

Football is not the only campus organization affected. Cheerleading coach, Martha Alonso, says she is ready to work with the new guidelines, to ensure a safe season, full of fun for her athletes. “We are excited to be able to cheer on our football team, and we are making safety during this time our number one priority. We want to come back every week and cheer them on!” she said. 

When asked about the new rules Lauren Gallegos, a LEE varsity cheerleader, said: “I’m excited for the upcoming games, it’s just hard to get used to wearing masks while doing activities.”

Safety measures include mandatory masks for spirit groups, band, and spectators, as well as social distancing procedures on the sidelines and in the stands to prevent further spread of Covid-19. Despite these new restrictions the atmosphere in practices remains enthusiastic at this time.

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