Movie Review: Enola Holmes

Lesly Rodriguez, Contributor

Enola Holmes, a Netflix Original film starring Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge, came out on September 23, 2020 and was directed by Harry Barbeer. The movie takes place in 1884 London and follows the protagonist, Enola, as she tries to find her mother who has gone missing without the help of her older brother, Sherlock Holmes.

Enola eventually meets a young man, Lord Tewksbury, who becomes her partner in crime. The production, wardrobe, props, and set are incredibly detailed. These elements, and the engaging script really pull the viewer in to the world of the movie. It left me wondering how they managed to create such a detailed 1880s world in the 21st century.

The acting was also outstanding, especially from Brown and Partridge. Both actors are very young; Brown only 16, and Partridge 17. Many may know Brown from another Netflix Original show, Stranger Things, where she played Eleven a girl with supernatural powers. Partridge has had roles in other movies outside of Netflix, his most recent being Paddington 2. It is also worth noting that Brown performed all her own stunts.

Enola Holmes has come to be one of my new favorite movies. I would highly recommend Enola Holmes to anyone who is interested in adventure, history, mystery, and even a bit of romance. It is the perfect way to stay entertained during quarantine. 

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