Volunteer Kitchen Reopens to Rave Reviews

Joselyn Hofer & Porter Rice, Contributors

Despite being closed for many long months due to the pandemic, the Volunteer Kitchen is now open. Advanced Culinary Arts students will now be preparing menu items from scratch to be served to teachers and staff on Thursday of each week for the remainder of the spring semester. 

“It was important to reopen our restaurant to resume some type of normalcy to our program. Running a restaurant teaches the culinary students important lessons on time management, organizational skills, development of communication skills and of course pride in their work,” said Chef Marnique Jourdan-Davis.

Davis went on to explain that because of COVID-19, many culinary competitions have been canceled, leaving the Volunteer Kitchen as these student’s only opportunity to showcase their work.

The Volunteer Kitchen kicked off their re-launch with a themed menu featuring traditional meals from Louisiana on Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021. “The food was restaurant quality, I had to remind myself that students made it,” said Vice Principal Denise Hinchman. “Our Volunteer chefs are very talented!”

Meals were prepared by Rosalie Cisneros (11), Keith Arrington (12), Aryanna Donovan (12) and Armando Rabago (11). 

Each week, Chef Jourdan-Davis and her students will release an entirely new menu. Teachers will be able to order these meals via Google Forms for pick-up or delivery. In-person dining will not be an option as it has been in years past. 

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