Orchestra Students Advance to State Solo and Ensemble

Xander Stout, Staff Reporter

The UIL Region 12 Solo and Ensemble competition was held on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2021, where a total of thirteen students from LEE and ISA participated in the audition process. When the students entered the audition room they had the opportunity to earn a rating of 1-5, with one being the highest. The rating system does not pit students against one another. It allows each musician the chance to earn a one. Of the 13 entries, ten earned a superior rating, and with seven advanced to the state contest in May.

“This is the third year in a row that I have advanced this far, but I’ve never actually gotten to perform at state before,” said senior Matthew Tobar. “My sophomore year I was sick, and last year it was canceled because of the pandemic, so I was excited that I qualified again this year. Next stop, Austin in May!” Tobar advanced to state in three separate categories, including violin solo, viola solo, and string quartet ensemble. 

Orchestra teacher Mario Prado was very excited to have so many students still willing to compete in the new audition format. “Given our current distance learning I was just happy to get kids to participate,” Prado said. “I was extremely thankful that they did as well as they did,” Mr. Mario Prado said. “Distance learning will not hold us back!”

Students advancing to state competition include Tobar, Samantha Machado, Alexandria Dahlquist, Hanna Femmel, Cassidy Bernstein, Ashlee Ochoa, and Jason Love.

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