Colleges Begin ‘Test-Optional’ Application Process

Chris Loustaunau, Staff Reporter

Many colleges this year will not be requiring SAT/ACT scores on applications for incoming freshmen. If a college chooses a “test-optional” admissions process, students will not have to submit their ACT or SAT scores in order for their application to be reviewed and accepted.

If a student does include their test scores in their application, this information will be used alongside the other pieces of their application to make an admissions decision. In the absence of standardized test scores, applications will still be reviewed manually, with more emphasis being placed on GPA, grade fluctuation, and class rank. In other words, transcripts will become the main determining factor as the remaining academic component of the application, and the admissions office will determine eligibility based on the total picture.

For colleges that receive a large number of applications, test scores are often the first pieces of information considered. Without them, students should expect a more thorough review of their total academic history which may work to some student’s advantage particularly if they suffer from test anxiety. 

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