Students Stay Home in Wake of Threat

Yesenia Velasquez, Staff Reporter

LEE High School was the subject of a social media shooting threat on Monday, September 6. The Labor Day post, which appeared on both Instagram and Snapchat warned of a possible shooting when students returned from the long weekend on Tuesday, leaving many students concerned about the legitimacy of this threat and their safety on campus the next day.

The original post, which displayed pictures of weapons and the statement “so excited for tomorrow” was later shared with various additional messages suggesting that LEE students should stay home or “watch out.”

The North East Police Department (NEPD) investigated the threat and determined that the original screen shots were posted by a student from another school district and that the threat was “not credible” according to a letter issued to parents and guardians by LEE High School Principal, Mr. David Crowe, early Tuesday morning.

The letter went on to say “we are working with the other school district and take these types of situations very seriously.”

However, it seems that many student’s fears were not alleviated by the letter. Head cheer coach, Ms. Martha Alonso, was forced to cancel practice on Tuesday when the majority of the squad left campus.  “There were only five of us who actually stayed,” Madison Munoz (11) said.

No follow-up information has been sent out regarding the situation or the punishment for the original poster, and NEPD declined to comment on the investigation.

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