Beloved Teacher Lost to Covid-19

Lesly Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

The morning of Thursday, September 2, LEE High School sustained its first loss due to the Covid-19 pandemic when Special Education math teacher, Ms. Laurie Marrero, passed away at her home due to complications from the virus. 


Ms. Marrero was diagnosed with Covid-19 about a month before her passing according to information provided to Principal David Crowe by Ms. Marrero’s son. While many staff and students have been affected by this disease in many ways, including the illness or even loss of family members, Ms. Marrero’s death marks the first loss of the LEE/ISA campus community. 


Ms. Marrero was an extremely diverse and dedicated educator who taught for 32 years across many subjects and grade levels. She started teaching in NEISD in 1992, and most recently served at LEE as a SPED teacher, teaching Geometry and Algebraic Reasoning. 


According to her co-teacher Mr. Bruce Gonzales; “Ms. Marrero always had a smile, a kind word, and encouragement to give to each and every student and coworker every single day. She brightened dark days, inspired hope in those who were downcast, and manifested student success. I nominated her for teacher of the year and the superintendent’s award multiple times, though she didn’t need or want recognition.”


  While her coworkers will certainly miss and remember her, Ms. Marrero’s passing will likely be felt the most by the students who lost one of their greatest champions. “Ms. Marrero was so many things, but mostly she was an inspiration to everyone around her,” Loraleigh Cantu (12) said. “She will be so deeply missed.”


For many here at LEE Ms. Marrero’s passing brings the Covid-19 pandemic a little too close to home, reminding students and teachers alike that they are living in uncertain times.

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