Theater Review: Eurydice

Xander Scout, Staff Reporter


LEE Theater’s fall production, Eurydice, opened on Thursday, September 30. Eurydice is a play based on Greek mythology and focuses on the famous love story of Orpheus and Eurydice from Eurydice’s perspective.


The play, while lackluster in the beginning, picked up at the halfway point when it really felt like the actors got into it following the main character’s death. Prior to that point the play felt like it was going too slow, and at the same time too fast, but looking back it may have been the limited dialog at the start of the show that made it feel that way.


The play, while only an hour long, still managed to impact me at the end. You could truly see the Greek tragedy aspect of it. While limited to only eight actors for the entirety of the play, the cast did a great job of setting the scenes and conveying the emotion of the story. In my opinion Eurydice’s father, played by senior William Dobie provided the best performance of the night.


Overall the play, while low budget and quite short, was well worth the $5 admission fee and I would highly recommend checking out the department’s next production, Seussical the Musical, when it opens in January.

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