NEISD Takes Bold, Proactive Step Toward Improved School Security

Chris Loustaunau, Editor-in-Chief


On Sep.12 NEISD appointed a new Head of Security, former Secret Service agent Paul Duran. Mr.  Duran worked for the government for 29 years and oversaw the south and southwest regions for the Secret Service.


Duran said in a statement released Monday that he will; “focus on a comprehensive approach to school security that goes beyond physical protection to include preventative measures, like boosting mental health support, anti-bullying programs, and school culture.”


NEISD has been looking for months to fill the position. Mr. Duran assures us that he will establish and enforce safety and security policies and procedures.


In a press release announcing Duran’s hire, NEISD said under former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Duran served on the Secret Service’s Presidential Protection Division, as part of the team that designed and implemented security plans for domestic and foreign travel for the presidents, their families, and other top officials.


“School safety and security, much like presidential protection, involves a system of interrelated elements that need to work together,” Mr. Duran said. Mr. Duran has experience in threat management, behavioral threat assessment, and prevention of targeted violence.


When he assumes the role on Oct. 3, Mr. Duran, who is already based in San Antonio, will provide strategic direction and leadership for the administration, coordinating the district’s safety and security program.

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