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ISA Makes Mini-Courses

Find out what more about the Mini-Course, a course taught by

UPDATE: Prom Themes, What’s Up With That?

Read on to find out what theme was chosen for ISA

Peace Festival? I Thought It Was Culture Fair!

Come and enjoy culture and fun at the Community Peace Festival...thingy.

Juniors, Go Pick Up Your Class Rings

Tomorrow during both lunches, anyone who ordered a class rig will

‘Some Nights’ Reveal the Days of Our Teenage Lives

Take a listen for yourself and find out what all the

Behind the Scenes: Plenty of Preparation Goes ‘Into the Woods’

The technical theater students work hard to build the sets for

STEM Students Meet President Obama

STEM students traveled to Washington DC for the White House Science

Student Spotlight: Marshall Badger ‘Draws’ Inspiration

The Bugle call interviews Senior Marshall Badger, a passionate Visual Arts

ISA Teachers Get Geared Up for the STAAR Test

ISA teachers attempt to get students excited about the new STAAR

The Hunger Games: Why You Should Read it Before You See It

Read the exciting novel, "The Hunger Games," and then see the

Eat Your Heart Out: Buy A Cookie

For $5, you too can have a huge, 8 inch cookie.

Wikipedia Set to Blackout for a Day

In protest of the SOPA bill Wikipedia has stated that they are going

ISA Dual Credit Classes Available

Sophomores and Juniors, apply now for Dual Credit classes and save

Snapshot Series: Little Shop of Horrors is Coming Along

Little Shop of Horrors runs January 19 through the 22.

Animal Society Club Seeks Supplies

Please donate pet supplies to Room 511B or the library.
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