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North Korea’s Threatens Destruction

North Korea plans to send destructive nuclear bombs to parts of

Time Changes Again

This Sunday, time will change and we shall all lose an

Visiting Guam: A Place of Beauty

By Enrico Sepulveda On my visit to Guam, I saw amazing

Tomb Raider Reborn

By Enrico Sepulveda Tomb Raider is a new action packed, adventure

Is Chocolate Good For You?

By Enrico Sepulveda For all the chocolate lovers out there who

Are Playing Video Games Good For You?

By Enrico Sepulveda¬† Known fact, “the average active gamer plays more

The Wizard of Oz Returns as Allied Campus Theater’s Winter Show

Attention all Wizard of Oz fans, Allied Campus Theaterwill be presenting

Presidential Election Results in a Close-Vote Count

By Enrico Sepulveda The Presidential Election is over and Barack Obama

Black Ops II: Lastest and Greatest First Person Shooter

Black ops II, the newest first person shooter will blow buyers

Halloween Activities This Weekend

There are many interesting events happening this year during Halloween. Popular

Bomb Threat Stops the Churchill Homecoming, MacArthur vs. Johnson Football Game

By Enrico Sepulveda On September 29, the Johnson vs. MacArthur football
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