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Ask Lee wants to know What is Your Favorite T.V. Show?

9 To 5 Showings Were Not A Disappointment

The musical 9 to 5, which started on Jan. 22 to

Should Tiny Houses Stay Illegal?

The main reason Tiny Houses are illegal in the U.S. is

Tips And Possible Themes For A Quinceañera

Tips Tip 1 – Try as many dresses you can to

Windows 8.1: Was It A Flop?

Windows 8 was released on October 26, 2012 by Microsoft as

Tim Burton Throughout The Ages

For the past 30 years in the movie industry, there has

Make A Costume This Halloween

As Halloween approaches, it’s time to think about your costume. Finding

MESSAGE FROM MADDIE: Why It’s So Hard To Be A Female Fan Of Anything

We want women in media for the same reason we want

Tired of Windows? Try These Operating Systems

Unix was invented in the late 70's. It was originally used

Anime That You Should Check Out

About two months ago, a new anime has been released that

Entrancing Enchiladas On The Menu

This weekend, Tomatillos right across the street from The Witte was

Becoming School Ready: Organizing As A Student

As school enters it’s first months, students everywhere will be settling

Fight Club (Novel)

The First rule of Fight Club is to not talk about
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