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Magnets Support

Kathi Bieser, ISA Principal, answers some questions for us about Magnet

Breakfast at Lee Should be More Forgiving

‘Hasta luego’  I hear as I pass the door into the

Playing Dead as You Walk

After Tommie McClond, a child psychiatrist, received the dreadful news of

The Fault in Our Stars

"The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green is about Hazel

Mahomie Take Over

A new, 16-year-old, up and coming YouTube artist is widely known

Is Cheerleading a Sport?

By Elaine Briseno Some people do not consider cheer leading a

Teens Irresponsible in Driving

Too often teens don’t do their homework, don’t turn it in

What to Leave Behind in 2012

From YOLO to apocalypse predictions, 2012 was filled with many trends

Leggings, Inappropriate?

By Katrina Dela Cruz Recently the administration has deemed leggings as

The Life of Aaron Swartz: Redditor and Activist

By Ian Madewell January 11, people all around the internet were

Food Fact or Fiction

Everyone has heard a weird fact about food at least once

Biographies Everyone Should Read


Should People Read the Book Before They See the Movie?

By Ian Madewell In today’s world of mass entertainment, audiences frequently

My 1st UTSA Football Game

Nov 24th UTSA: The Road Runners vs. Texas State Bobcats was

Wii U Experience the Fun

Just when I thought Nintendo couldn’t get any more desperate they
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