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Greenback Night Made Memorable

Parents and students showed up to Greenback night to meet the

Diego and Diana’s Beautiful Wedding

On September 15, Diego and Diana vowed to stay together for

Vols Slaying the Dragons

The Varsity Vols took on the Southwest Dragons with determination and

A Night With NESA Slideshow

NESA takes the opportunity to show off what they can do

Vols Takes On Southwest

The Vols get rough on the field and make an valiant

JROTC Remembers Sept. 11 Tragedy

JROTC put on a memorable tribute to lives lost on Sept.

LeeTV Sept.14

Showing School Spirit Against Holmes

The Holmes Huskies should have been shaking in their paws after

Cross Country Races For Pride

The JV and Varsity Cross Country team is well into

Lee’s Garden Gets Growing

A couple of teachers spent part of their summer creating a

Memorable Teacher Work Days

Everyone came together on this event to celebrate teacher work days,
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