Financial Life After High School

In our modern day society, power, independence, quality, and improvement come down to one single common factor; money. Despite all negative connotations and timid opinions on the subject of money, people who have greater amounts of wealth tend to be less stressed, more fit, and more organized physically and mentally. There are special circumstances to these statistics, but in the words of Tai Lopez, the main speaker of the Grand Theory of Everything finance blog and multi-millionaire, “Money, dollar bills are freedom units.” The more you have of it, the less you have to worry about paying bills, student loans, and debt in general, and the more time you get to spend achieving your own goals.

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9 To 5 Showings Were Not A Disappointment

The musical 9 to 5, which started on Jan. 22 to 25, from the times 7:30 p.m. to around 9:00 on Thursday to Saturday, and at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, the last day of the play, was amusing and a great way to spend any of those evenings. Allied campus theatre’s production was exactly what I expected. The play is based on the 1981 film, and Resnick and Colin Higgins had their own musical on Broadway from 2008 through 2009.

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Tim D. Going 2-D

What is known about Duncan is his passion for cars and Punisher, the comic character of Marvel. When both passions are combined, you get Duncan in the new comic book giving Punisher his new car. The idea of Punisher getting a signature car was just a work in progress, but that all changed when Marvel said yes to the idea.

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One Week Wait For COD: Advanced Warfare

A new Call Of Duty game will soon be an addition to the family. Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare will hit stores such as Game Stop, Best Buy and Walmart on November 4, bringing the action back into the series. This video game will be available on next gen consoles including Xbox One and PS4, along with previous gen consoles such as Xbox 360 and PS3, and lastly, but not least, it is available for PC. If pre-ordered, the Day Zero DLC gives consumers a 24 hour early access to the game. This game seems like it won’t disappoint fans. This game is a bit futuristic, containing new high-tech weaponry, score streaks, gadgets, exoskeletons, and gameplay as well. Most fans would call this “Black Ops 3” because of the futuristic style.


‘God Made Her A Survivor To Help People’

At one of her annual “girl” appointments, teacher Tanya Delvalle’s doctor found a lump in one of her breasts. She said there was nothing to worry about, that it was probably just a cyst, and would aspirate out the fluid from the cyst if the lump bothered Delvalle. A month later, the lump did indeed start to bother her, and even became a bigger size. An appointment two months later was finally scheduled for the fluid to be taken out, but there was no fluid. Instead, cells were found in the lump. Four days later, Delvalle’s doctor personally called her and told her she needed to go to a surgeon immediately, as well as get a mammogram and an ultrasound.
On Thursday, Nov. 19, 1997, Delvalle had her ultrasound and mammogram, which was inconclusive. But the ultrasound revealed an irregularly shaped tumor. Two days later, she found out for sure what exactly the lump was.