LeeTV Show Archive

Do you have your ID

LeeTV reminds students to always have their IDs

Be positive

LeeTV reminds students to be positive, and have a good time

No stealing

LeeTV reminds students not to steal other student's property

Imagine, learn, create

Join LeeTV

Magic Mike part 2

Magic mike entertains students with his magic tricks

Love thy classmate

LeeTV reminds students to be kind to one another

Happy Valentine’s day

LeeTV wishes everyone a happy valentine's day

Volunteer nation: How many times can you juggle a soccer ball?

LeeTV asks students to juggle a soccer ball

Be a helping hand

LeeTV reminds student to be helpful

Sports update: Feb. 5

LeeTV reminds students abut upcoming sport events and wins

Join relay for life

Join Relay For Life

Faces of Lee: Jan29

Sarah Jaramillo takes photographs of students and friends around campus

Got it

LeeTV advises students to always have their IDs

LeeTV: Sports update Jan.29

LeeTV informs students about upcoming games, and to supports our players

LeeTV: Wrestling

LeeTV informs students about their wrestling team
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