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LeeTV Latest: 2/28

Watch this week's LeeTV video announcements.

Frank Musquiz Shows Off His Pumped-Up Kicks

NESA Student Frank Musquiz discusses his painting.

Stand Up and Stay Fit

LeeTV reminds studentsthe importance of staying healthy and fit.

Step Into Dance and Cheer Tryouts

Want to join dance or cheer? Watch and see what both

ISA Students Turning Japanese

LeeTV welcomes the Japanese transfer students to our school.

The Great Thing About S.A.

LeeTV asks students why they love their Alamo City.

Bianca’s Weekly Facts

Be Cool and Stay in School

LeeTV reminds students to stay in class at all times.

Can You Name the First Five Presidents?

LeeTV quizzes students on their knowledge of past presidents.

Come Along and Cheer With Us

Want to be a cheerleader or dancer? Try-outs will be held

No Affection Allowed In School

Watch this video by LeeTV about affection in school.

Lee’s Got Talent

LeeTV presents students who have extraordinary talent. To show off your

Special Olympians Appreciate Uniforms

The Special Olympics Team will wear their two new pairs of
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