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Instrumental Music Concert Was A Night To Remember

You didn’t have to know all the shows or movies, or even like the shows or movies to enjoy NESA’s Instrumental Music concert last night, which started at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. The theme was A Night At The Movies, and it was a night to remember.
Conductor and director of Instrumental Music, Mark Twehues and his orchestra gave the audience a phenomenal show with music from genres of Science Fiction, Western, Costume drama, Historical drama, Foreign film, Fantasy and Superhero shows and movies. Their first act was the James Newton Howard’s King Kong soundtrack highlights. And to go with the music, intense and awesome clips from the actual movie or show was playing behind the fantastic orchestra for the audience to really get into the concert. And every piece Twehues conducted, clips from the movie or show was playing, adding more emotion to the whole night.

Obama’s Plans For Easier Access To Higher Education

Because access to higher education is difficult, President Obama made a proposal to make two-year community colleges free to help increase the workforce in the energy, Information Technology, and the advanced manufacturing field, with more jobs in these fields, people get richer,and the next generation gets even smarter. However, he wants to put this proposal back on the table.