Fashion File-Week 10/18

It takes years for most people to develop a reasonable fashion sense. Fabiola Alcaraz-Legaspi is an exception; she was born with it. A freshman, Fabiola discovered her love for clothing at a young age.

“When I was little, I really liked to see people dress up and model, and that gives me an idea of how to dress. I also really like to match colors,” she said.

Her passion for dressing up is so pure and authentic, she wants to pursue a career in it.

“I really like to design things, and hope to become a designer,” Fabiola said.

Fabiola Alcaraz-Legaspi (9) aspires to become a fashion designer.

As for her own opinion on her style, Fabiola can’t classify it, it’s simply her own.

 “I don’t really have a particular style, I just like to be myself,” she said.

With a unique perspective on clothes and styling, and the talent to match, it’s no surprise that she’ll be one to debut her fashion line at New York Fashion Week in the future.

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