Is Chivalry Dead?

The Face of Chivalry: Kevin McGinty photo by Brittany Trub

As a girl it definitely feels good when a guy opens the door for you. The simple chivalrous act of opening a door, stepping out of the way for someone or helping a stranger carry things down the stairs is very attractive. Not the sort of attractive that makes others wanna “smush”, but the sort of attractive that makes that person special.

However, is chivalry still alive?

“If you’re chivalrous, you’re awesome! I visited a college and whenever I walked towards a door a guy opened it for me. I think it’s the sweetest thing a guy could do to show others his personality,” said Katie Perelli, sophomore.

Naturally it makes someone feel special when another person, at times a compete stranger, goes out of their way to open a door or exchange a ‘Hello’ in the hallway.

“I think it’s more about opening doors for girls and making them happy. It’s around the thought of being nice and courteous, kind of a [masculine] thing in the end,” said Kevin McGinty, sophomore.

“Well, some guys are nice to get an advantage on girls. I think it’s more about being friendly; not being a total moron to other people, especially girls.” said Brandon Bakke, freshman.

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