I’m In The Wrong Class

Every year, several students arrive at prep day, expecting the process to run smoothly, only to discover a schedule with an incorrect class or two. While this problem is unfortunate and inconvenient, it is common and should be dealt with. Nobody enjoys handling these mistakes, but they just wont let it fall by the wayside.

Garrett Seal(12) holding up pending schedule change forms.

The school counselors organize and finalize our classes, making them the primary source for students that wish to resolve their schedule right away (if they don’t mind waiting an hour and a half for a meeting). Many people, like myself, took one look at the line flowing out of the counselor’s office and immediately called it a day, and walked towards the parking lot.

I walked into the office on the first day of school, expecting a short and simple meeting with my counselor, or at least to schedule one. That wasn’t the case. The counselor’s office is a mad house during the first week of school, because of all the demands for schedule changes left and right. The administration tries to make the process more efficient by creating a schedule change request form. The problem is, the form requires four signatures. One by the student, teacher, parent, and counselor. It’s a lengthy process.

Difficulty with schedules is an inevitability, and there is a presentable soulution and process to fix it, but it could be made to where changing a schedule is easier to fulfill. As independent high school students, we are still hassled to get signatures from parents. No parent signature means the form could be turned in the same day it is filled out, and processed faster.

It’s apparent that requests for schedule changes will always be a factor because students will change their minds over summer. The current process to help these students is successful, but has room for improvement.

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