The Aesthetic Movement: AHH-quaintances

Friends. photo by Kyle Argueta

We were the best of friends and the worst of friends. Suddenly now we are face-off friends. As time went by, we grew further apart and we adjusted to the high school world. Finding a group to cling to, we went our separate ways, never looking back, but moving forward ‘til the next day. Having the same neutral friends, the question comes up…“Do you remember so and so?”

“Ahhhh I think I remember hanging out with them in junior high…” Seems awkward to respond with an ‘AHHH’ when we were the best of friends. Now in the hallways of high school, we pass each other cautiously, not knowing what to say. Should I take the first step in saying “hi”, or should they? We pretend to text someone, so it looks like we moved on with new friends who are blowing our phones up. In reality, we are just at an awkward holding area, waiting for someone we know to pass by or actually text us.

Friends come and go, but it is your true friends who stand by you all the way to the end. With true friends, the awkward hallway moments cease to exist and awkward “hi’s” are a myth. Humans change and adjust themselves to fit the norm; changing friends as fast as gym socks and gaining new ones faster than gaining seniority. My advice: surround yourself with people who are as just as normal as you.

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