Mac Morph Men: New Mascots?

Mac Morph Men at a pep rally. Photo by Kyle Argueta

Although the Mac Morph Men have only been around for less than one season, they are already making spirited waves around campus in their bright bodysuits. Consisting of  “Blue Mist” (Jared Mayfield, senior), “Black Rain” (David Garcia, junior), “White Storm” (Hans Escobar, junior), “Red Blaze” (Eloy Ceullar, sophomore), “Orange Thunder” (Caden Bleamaster, sophomore), and “Yellow Tsunami” (L.J. Mason, junior).

“We never planned [to stick around]. We were going to wear [the suits] only one time and thought we were going to be told to take them off, but we got encouraged to do it more and more since then,” Mayfield said.

Despite initial worries of administrative repercussions, the Mac Morph Men are now welcomed and applauded by the administration for their initiative to start a new spirit group. The group’s Facebook page also encourages Mac students to go to the games and to school events.

The absence of a “leading man” in the group only pushes each Mac Morph Man to his full potential. They’re seen dancing (separately and as a group) with other spirit groups, and hanging onto railings and running amok in the crowd at pep rallies. “White Storm” (Escobar) has even been given the opportunity to run the Honor Guard flags at football games.

“People are calling us the new mascots because we go to the pep rallies, games, and we get to run around with the band on Fridays!” Mayfield said.




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