We Know, Do you?

"We know" banner made by the yearbook staff and photo by Pattyzaragoza

Kids wearing white ribbons and duck taped backpacks fashioned with the words “I know” haunt the schools hallways this week as the Brahma Yearbook staff begin their “Ask Someone Who Knows”  campaign. All week staff members are wearing the ‘I know’ ribbons to stand out from the crowd and answer any questions students have pertaining to the yearbook.

Questions like “How much is the yearbook?”, “Where do I buy it?” and much more. If the staff members stirring in the hallways and classrooms isn’t enough, Oct. 25-27 they will be present during all three lunches.

Yearbooks are on sale online at www.smart-pay.com it costs $65.


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About Patty Zaragoza

My name is Patty or as some like to refer to me as Pegleg. I am a Junior here at Mac. This will be my second year participating in the Yearbook staff and my first in Newspaper. In my spare time I like doing photography and writing for fun. I also enjoy reading when I am not covering events for publications and doing homework. My favorite Authors are Rick Riordan and J.K Rowling. I am a Yankees fan (Jeeter and Rodriguez!), I love baseball and play softball. I watch Sunday night football every... Sunday. Go Cowboys! and I am a Longhorn at heart. Keep Austin Weird!

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