Barbizon $100,000 College Scholarship

The Barbizon Modeling and Acting Schools are a system of international schools that teach students of both genders tips for being a good model and/or actress/actor. The company’s attention may mainly be focused on the modeling and acting industries, but that is not all that its leaders focus on.

The leaders of Barbizon also pay attention to education; I’ve been to one of their scouting opportunities. The Vice President of the company was there leading the trip and she spoke to all the people attending about how important education is to her company. She told us that to be accepted and work in her company, you should have an A/B average- or higher.

“If you are not responsible,” she said, “you will not work for me. If you don’t get good grades, you will not work for me,” and gave us her list of expectations. She also was the one who alerted everyone that the company gives out a $100,000 scholarship to one lucky winner every year.

You can sign up for this contest online on their website, If you go to the section of the website titled “Contests & Scholarships” and then the second “Scholarships” tab, the form to fill out to enter the scholarship contest will appear before you- and its very simple.

All they ask for is your first and last name, address, phone number, email, birthday and gender; No SAT or ACT scores, no grade transcript, just the basics, so if you don’t have that good of grades- you can still win it. They draw at random one person per year to win, and although they’ve already picked their 2011 winner, enter anyway- you may win next years $100,000 scholarship!

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