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Students gain knowledge about the work place at Camp Mickey D. Photo taken from www.lackland.af.mil/shared/media/

The demands of a workplace can be overwhelming, and for first time workers jumping into a job knowing nothing about how a workplace functions can be catastrophic. With the recent rampant of students hunting down and receiving jobs, many new hires have taken positions at local restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment centers. Although most of these workers enter with experience levels of zero, hope is now available.

Camp Mickey D is an opportunity to prepare for the working world with a few requirements to join. First you have to be above the age of 16, next fill in a registration form and turn it in by May 11, after that June 4 Camp Mickey D starts and ends on June 8.

“To students: sooner or later you will seek your first job,” co-founder of Camp Mickey D Sybel Pici said, “Having a Camp Mickey D’s certification will tell your new employer that you have job skills ready to go.”

Camp Mickey D not only gives students knowledge about work, it also takes them from

Practicing service with a smile. Photo taken from www.lackland.af.mil/shared/media/

‘entry-level’ pay when entering their fisrt jobs.

“The skills taught at Camp usually take 30-90 days to acquire at a part-time job,” Pici said.

Students also learn how to manage their finances once they start receiving a paycheck, and they gain knowledge about how bacteria affects food and their personal health.

“Students from MacArthur HS are important to me,” Pici said, “they are customers and they are great employees.  Not everyone starts at McDonald’s and ends up owning it like I did, but everyone works to make money and move along with their life goals.  I am proud to give back to the MacArthur community by helping young people be job-ready and work-smart.”

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