Go Play in the Streets-Siclovia

Bikers fill the streets
Photo by Sarah Morales

From E.Broadway to Grayson, the streets were flooded with bikers, runners, and rollerbladers taking part in Siclovia, an HEB sponsored city-ran event to help San Antonio get fit.

Play in the Street
Photo by Sarah Morales

The free health fair and mini marathon event on Sunday had around 15,000 attendees that came for fitness classes, information booths, puppies and of course, exercise.

“What we’re really trying to do is start off a fitness culture,” Mayor Julian Castro said at the beginning of the event. “We’re trying to get folks to not go for that Coke.”

Fiesta Clam Mascot
Photo by Sarah Morales

SNIPSA had several booths for their adoption day and Any Baby Can had music and prizes for anyone willing to listen and participate in their activities and the YMCA had classes ranging from kickboxing to Zumba.

Any Baby Can Mascot
Photo by Sarah Morales


Despite the temperature drop and closed off streets Broadway businesses were booming; particularly Sam’s Burger Joint who had bikes lined up down the street and almost ran out of tables to seat people.


The Siclovia Mobile parked on Broadway
Photo by Sarah Morales


Spokesrep Randy Escamilla  announced the next Siclovia event would be held April 7th.

“We’re here because 67% of San Antonio is either overweight or obese,” Escamilla said.

Whether people out to get fit or out to waste a Sunday afternoon, Siclovia is an event worth checking out.

Because bicyles are too mainstream
Photo by Sarah Morales


Safety first.
Photo by Sarah Morales


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One thought on “Go Play in the Streets-Siclovia

  1. Wow San Antonio: I love this place!

    Siclovia will become part of our lifestyle, just like the Fiesta Parade. [I wonder if we can all push for another day away from schoolwork like we have for Fiesta Friday!]

    You’ve convinced me: April 7, I’ll be there.

    I like the “Siclovia Mobile ” photo and I hope you’ll post an update saying what that thing is!!

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