Tacky Twitter: A Look Into The Infamous #Subtweets

A blog post by Megan Howell

The Twitter Login
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Twitter fights, hashtags, and sub tweets; students on Twitter might have seen the famous all out brawls between Twitter fanatics and the drama craving Tweeters; originally intended to keep friends updated and stay connected, social networking is used in many ways.

Twitter is a good way to connect with others through thoughts and as many do every other minute of their lives, but sometimes it’s used to a start of another war of a “Twitter fight”.  From the drama queens of high school to the I’m bigger than you wannabe “thugs” that think fighting on Twitter is going to solve the argument.

There are many ways to start a fight on Twitter.

Hashtags are a big deal on twitter. Tags like #sorrynotsorry are code for “I feel bad for you but I really don’t care how you feel about what just happened”.

There are a few common courtesy Twitter do’s and don’ts.

Twitter is to explore different views of other people’s ways of life. “Fighting” on Twitter is the most dramatic, stupid, immature thing to do. When a blow up at school happens – and I say this based on experience – mostly with girls or couples, it’s pretty much always progresses to Twitter. Usually, it goes down with an argument, a back stab, a big lie, and of course, drama.

“I think Twitter fights are stupid,” Hayden Bartley (9) said. “People need to mature, and quit fighting over social networks.”

Though majority of fights on Twitter occur between freshman, it’s nice to know that some freshman keep an open mind.

“I think Twitter is fun to go on and people need to quit adding drama to it,” Megan Roscoe (9) said. “People sub tweet all the time, which is talking about people be hide their back. “Twitter is supposed to be fun and drama free.”



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