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Valentine’s Day is a dream for teenage girls at public highschool, and though when you take a step back and analyze the stupidity of the Hallmark Card holiday and how ridiculous it seems  to pay money for cheap flowers, fattening chocolate and some stupid card just to make a girl smile, but from a teenage girl’s standpoint, the one gesture that proved you were on someone’s mind is worth all the cheesy effort.

Speaking as a single, teenage girl, the cliche dinner and a movie would send butterflies from my stomach down to the chills in my spine, but, for the girl you’ve already romanced and got to agree to date you, the cliche just won’t do.

This Valentine’s Day, think outside of the box (and think about your wallet) when taking your girl (or guy!) out on Valentine’s Day.

The way I see it, the date could hold one of two themes: out and about or  staying in for the night, and while both could make your girls heart swoon, picking what’s right is nearly the hardest part.

Out on the Town: sitting in an overpriced restaurant with 30 other couples sharing a cliche brownie a la mode isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time; for something more personal and budget friendly, try these date ideas that add up to no more than 20$ a person.

Downtown Lights – cheap food and a walk around town to get to know each other gives her an excuse to dress up, and gives you an excuse to chat her up a little bit.

Dinner and a Movie– Warm Bodies is a great movie to take on a romantic date and there are plenty of restaurants near the Quarry and Northwoods movie theater.

Eat Your Heart Out– Make your Valentine´s Day dinner reservations today to get your preferred time and day for Sushihana´s gourmet seven-course Valentine´s Day dinner- and if thursday is too hard, they are extending the night

The Underpants– SAC (San Antonio College) is putting on a theatre comedy production called The Underpants in which a housewife loses her underpants in public. 10$ per ticket, tickets available 30 min before show starts at box office.

Art in the Garden– enjoy local artists’ work at San Antonio Botanical Garden as well as a stroll among the flowers.

The MacNay Hunt for Love– meet at the McNay Art Mesusem at 6:30 for a scavenger hunt game at one of the prettiest musesms in San Antonio.

If your date is low maitnence, staying in could be exactly what you need. Curl up with Netflix and take out for the night, or, if you’re looking to score brownie points with your date, make a sit down candle lit dinner for the two of you to enjoy together and, if the relationship is serious (or about to be!) end the night with a gift you picked out just for each other.

Going out or staying in, make this Valentine’s Day worth remembering.

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