Varsity Boys Basketball Playoffs vs Judson

Varsity Boys Basketball played their first and last playoff game against Judon Feb. 18 at Clemens High School in Schertz, TX  with a final score of 45-49.

Photo by Sarah Morales

The first quarter was fast paced and the players were neck and neck with lots of defense and hustle and in the last second of the first quarter, guard Marcus Harris made a layup that left the score 10-11 in favor of Judson.

End of the half score.
Photo by Sarah Morales

The second and third quarters were sluggish as the boys were up to 10 points behind Judson who, thanks to the generous refs, were given two free throws at the end of the half.

There was a big turnout in the stands that included Blue Crew, faculty, and parents that seemed more aggressive than the players themselves.

“We  have really gentle players,” English teacher Mr. Andrew Arnatt explained to English teacher Mr. White in the bleachers after the half ended.

The boys came back the last quarter with points mostly scored by Marcus Harris rounding out the quarter -Judson boys 42-45 in the last 30 seconds, ended the game with a loss.

Marco McKee plays hard offense in the fourth quarter
Photo by Sarah Morales
Final Score
Photo by Sarah Morales
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