Student Council Tries To S.A.V.E The School

    Student Council teamed up with the S.A.V.E organization, or Students Against Violence Everywhere, to help promote anti-bullying and violence to create a safer school environment. Student Council have noticed the increased violence in the school and want to bring the issue to the attention of the school community to help stop the problem .

  “We wanted to create a chapter of S.A.V.E because of what student witness in the school daily, student council member Amber Morales said. “Violence and bullying in all high schools is at an all time high and working with S.A.V.E we are learning to bring it to student’s attention to help prevent it.”

Member Frankie Parra proposed the idea to the council and created a group  that supported the idea and was willing to work to bring awareness to the violence issue.

“Posters are being placed throughout the school that promote the S.A.V.E organization and what we both stand for,” Member Marissa Gonzales said.

 S.A.V.E  not only wants students to be involved in anti-violence awareness but in community service and peer support.

“All of us who created the S.A.V.E chapter highly encourage all students to check out their website at,” Morales said. “We want all students to help us and the S.A.V.E. organization stop the bullying and violence issue so we can all go to school in a safer environment.”

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