I Survived the Fall Out Boy Hiatus

Album Art courtesy of falloutboy.com

For five long years from 2008-2013, the band that got us through the regrettable middle school years took a hiatus, leaving our high school selves to wander aimlessly without any new trendy pop punk songs to heal break ups and lame parents: but they’re back with the top iTunes album Save Rock and Roll.

The trendy pop indie bands like Imagine Dragons and Mumford and Sons take a backseat as FOB blazes the trail as it does exactly what it promises in its title. More fun than Led Zeppelin, more epic than Skrillex, and catchier than Rebecca Black; the album absolutely rocks.

While hipster fans will argue that their old stuff is better, Fall Out Boy definitely made the right choice by adding piano, dubstep, rap and Elton John in their new album bringing in a broader audience that will leave even the most hardcore Directioners and Beliebers begging their parents for  a year’s advance on their allowance to get FOB concert tickets.

The comeback was well worth the wait, and available April 16 Save Rock and Roll should be on every teen’s iPod.

Get your digital copy and check out the track list  here.

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