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Jasmine Thompson fiercely guards SV point guard.

The morning of Sunday September 29 the varsity girls basketball team took on the Smithson Valley Rangers at 2:00pm in the Winston Churchill gymnasium. With MacArthur’s record being 1-2 this game determined whether or not they will have a good season.

While doing warm ups, the team showed signs of fear written all over their faces.

“We hope to come out on top,”  starting center Jasmine Thompson said, 11. ”With their record being 2-1 were praying that we play hard enough and work as a team even with the alternate players with us.”

   As the game starts the girls communicate and move gracefully as a team on the court. Building each other up after missed shots or a pat on the back after a great assist they played as a team and lead in scoring through the entire game.

Because of a scouting tournament in Frisco, Dallas, four out of the five starters did not attend the game.

“We’re doing a tournament against a lot of teams from all over San Antonio, Austin and Dallas,” says starting center BreAnn Ford, 11, “accompanying me will be Angelica Fernandez, Angelina Barella , Claudia Pena and Taylor Terrell. I hate to miss out on the game but were hoping scouts will be in Dallas to recognize us.”

  Starting Guard Destiny Talbert, 12, will sit out the game as well due to critical leg conditions.

“I’m going to support my team, win or lose, injured or not I will be there cheering them on since I can’t contribute physically I will encourage and cheer them on,” Talbert said.

 As the end of the game draws near the girls play hard till the very end with a victory score of 33 to 19. Their new record being 2-2.

Photo by Kayla Martin
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